Targeted Goat Grazing

Targeted Goat Grazing

Targeted goat grazing is a sustainable and eco-friendly practice that involves the use of goats to manage vegetation in a specific area. Instead of relying on heavy machinery or chemicals to clear brush, invasive plants, and other unwanted vegetation, goats are used to naturally control the growth and spread of these plants.


Our process of targeted goat grazing is simple. We bring a herd of goats into the targeted area, and they are allowed to graze on the plants and vegetation. With the use of portable electric fencing we can focus the herd on the targeted vegetation and, thus, avoid desired plants and trees. By doing this, the goats consume the unwanted plants, which helps to reduce their growth and spread, and at the same time, their droppings provide a natural source of fertilizer for the soil.

Our goats are particularly effective at controlling the growth of invasive plants like tumbleweed, kochia, elm, salt cedar, russian olive, and other plants which can be difficult to manage using traditional methods.


Unlike machinery, goats can navigate difficult terrain and are less likely to damage the soil or disturb other plants in the area.

Goats are particularly useful tools for mitigating the threat of fire.  With the heavy growth of brush, small trees, and weeds, combined with our very dry climate, wild fires can be a common and often devastating occurrence.  The goats are utilized in these areas to reduce the fuel load of the vegetation and, in turn, reduce the risk of harmful fires   

Overall, targeted goat grazing is a sustainable and eco-friendly practice that can be used to effectively manage vegetation in a variety of settings. By utilizing this natural solution, we can reduce our reliance on harmful chemicals and machinery while promoting a healthy and diverse ecosystem.


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Good morning, I would love to know if your precious goats are available to do our yard. I believe our yard is 30ft X 100 ft. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Rosie Emery

Hello interested in your services have the same weeds in your video with the yellow flowers live in sw Albuquerque small yard asking for a friend/neighbor who is elderly. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. Thanks

Lara sena

Do you bring goats to smaller areas (2/3 of an acre)? I need your help please!

Jill K Schneider

We are in the Farmington NM and are very interested in your services. We’d like to discuss availability and pricing at your earliest opportunity. Thanks!

Cate Gallagher

Do you go to the Jemez area? We have 6 acres in Ponderosa which are a constant challenge to keep brush and weeds under control. 4 of the acres are alfalfa, but that field also has foxtail and bindweed.
I’d like to talk with you about pricing and procedure.
Thank you!

Nancy Lauser

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